Auteur Principal
Murphy Julie
Harper Collins UK
Année d'édition
Roman Adulte
Adulte grand public

A Merry Little Meet Cute

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Caractéristique matérielle : En anglais,
Dimension : 1912,
Nbr de pages : 1 vol.,

Résumé :
''The audacity of this magical author duo to sneak in and steal Christmas in the sexiest way possible . . . the charming holiday romp you absolutely need in your life!'' TESSA BAILEY ''The holiday romcom of my dreams! Sexy, progressive, hilarious, and full of good cheer'' HELEN HOANG When Bee Hobbes takes the lead in a squeaky-clean romantic Christmas movie, there are only three rules: 1. Don''t get involved with anyone on set. 2. Don''t tell anyone what you do for a living. 3. Definitely don''t get involved with anyone on set. 3b. Seriously. Now, she''s filming in Christmas Notch, a small town with Christmas trees and festive tunes all year round. But Bee''s got a secret identity to hide, and it''s not family-friendly. And her co-star, Nolan Shaw, an ex-boyband member infamous for his own x-rated antics, not only knows it, but is secretly her biggest fan. When things start to heat up on set, Bee and Nolan must keep this steamy affair under wraps, or risk ruining everything . . . _________________ ''The holiday rom-com of your dreams!'' Cosmopolitan ''Looking for a little bit of spice from your Christmas romance? . . . A refreshingly entertaining and sexy read, which also features some great plus-size representation'' Popsugar ''For something a little spicy this Christmas, try this holiday romcom'' Yours ''With plenty of cheeky charm and a cast of superbly nuanced characters, this brilliantly executed rom-com both cleverly skewers and unabashedly celebrates the appeal of squeaky-clean holiday romances, while also championing body positivity in life and love'' Booklist
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